Bush Hall
A stunning Edwardian concert and events hall for performers, families, shows, workshops and bespoke events.

Bush Hall Dining
An incredible experience in eating and entertaining for families and grownups too.

The early years branch of Sound Connections, every good music educator’s essential toolkit for music training, research and shared, ongoing practice.

Play Association Hammersmith and Fulham
Providing important play and social opportunities for children and young people with additional and profound needs, and their families. They work across the Tri-Borough.

Drums for Schools
One of our earliest commissions, we collaborated in the creation of high quality musical instruments specially designed and crafted for babies and young children.

The must-join online multi-arts organisation with useful, updated information and support for educators, practitioners and families across the UK.

Youth Music
Funding support is given across the UK for a range of music activities including CPD, shared practice, development and opportunities for music with children, young people and their communities.

Royal College of Music
One of London’s prestigious music colleges for outstanding musicians and music educators, many of whom work on placements with The Music House nursery groups.

Speech and Language Therapist
Rhiannan Walton specialises in therapy with young children up to 7 years old. Singing and signing are used engage children, and develop their attention, interaction and language skills. Musical instruments tempt even the most reluctant communicators. Carefully structured play activities help to develop vocal and communication skills. Sessions take place at the Music House for Children’s school.

Music Educators and Researchers for Young Children brings Britain’s finest music educators, researchers and practitioners with young children, linking it’s European counterpart through collaborative exchange and debate.

Tri-Borough Music Services
Developing musical activities and learning in children from 5 years in Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea.

Little Crickets Deaf Group
Families with deaf and partially deaf children and babies come together to support each other, and exchange information. Many of our projects nurture communication, language and musicality.

We Heart Pictures
Beautiful photography specialising in capturing events and families.

Skolia Choir
A wonderful choir made up of amateur singers local to the Notting Hill area. Skolia Choir support our carol concert and other events.