About Us

The Music House for Children has been nurturing musical creativity for over two decades. Our founding principles look to inspiration from Reggio Emilia, Jacques-Samuel Dalcroze and Zoltan Kodaly.

At The Music House for Children lessons are taught through observation, participation, celebration and debate. Classes, concerts, shows and workshops are constantly refreshed and exciting. Trained music educators help support children from babies to teenagers to develop as independent thinking, artistic and musical beings.

We are constantly sharing new music, designing ongoing projects, and collaborating with colleagues around the world to draw on global shifts in how we approach education.

Our school has a studio, teaching rooms and concert hall. Families and young people enjoy a range of regular musical activities including year-round workshops, lessons and performances.

Bespoke music projects reach children with additional needs, and support ongoing learning. Our case studies show how music can help every child to learn and enjoy musical experiences, whatever their need. Studies include speech and language delay, deafness, autism and profound cognitive impairment. Learning and family engagement are hugely supported by our music activities.

We offer early years music training at The Music House for Children, covering modules for musical learning that support all areas of a young child’s academic and social engagement.  We can offer professional development programmes and inset days for early years specialist and nursery workers both at our school and elsewhere.  We believe that non-musicians can also be equipped with appropriate educational tools to support learning in musical ways.

Our music educators and performers are chosen because they care about music and children. All are personally interviewed and references approved. Many former MH teachers continue to endorse our work around the UK and further afield.

Our aim for the next two decades? To carry on.